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Getting ready for the holidays

We have been busy getting ready for the holidays, Each year on the day after Thanksgiving we spend the day decorating our home for Christmas. We will be joining Kyle's family this weekend for one of our favorite holiday traditions, Making and decorating candy houses. I think just as much candy ends up in our belly as does on the candy houses. We also have feed our starving children coming up, we really like to donate to this foundation, we enjoy getting together as a family with friends and packing meals to send out to children in need in neighboring countries.

On Christmas Eve we attend a candlelight service at our church. Afterward, we head to our annual Christmas party at the Stringham's. The kids like dressing up as the Christmas nativity scene. We do a gift exchange with the adults and children then head home and make cookies to set out for Santa. 

December 06, 2018

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