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Hello, we are Kyle and Cazree. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us as a couple and considering our family.

Kyle and I first met at a mutual friend's house in 2007. Cazree was attracted to Kyle's sense of humor and his driven, outgoing personality. Kyle was attracted to Cazree's passion for life and her loving and nurturing way about her. We went to a Utah Jazz basketball game for our first date. Everything about that night was perfect until Cazree dumped nacho cheese down the front of Kyle's nice dress shirt! That didn't stop Kyle, we had a second date and hit it off right away. After a couple of dates we felt like we'd known each other for a lifetime. We share a lot of the same interests. We were married in 2009.

We both feel that God has it in his plan, for us, to have another child to love. Struggling with infertility over the years has brought us closer together, and we are thrilled about becoming parents through adoption.

We are members of a Christian church and a bi-monthly bible study group. We reach out to the community to assist with service projects that are put on by the church and provide help for those in need. Our small bible study group is very close, and we love growing our religious values together.

Cazree grew up in Northern Utah, with her three siblings, one being her twin brother. She had a great childhood and enjoyed playing kick the can, red rover and night games with her friends in the neighborhood. Cazree loves playing soccer and coaches our daughter, who also shares a love for the sport. Cazree enjoys the great outdoors and feels it is the best therapy. She likes to go hiking, camping, enjoy a summer concert or go to the movies. She loves to travel to places where she can put her toes in the sand while soaking up the sun.

Cazree has enjoyed being a stay at home mom with our children for the past six years, but now that they are in school full time, she works outside of the house as a teacher’s aide. She has a passion for working with children and creating a trusting relationship with them. Though she loves her job and the children she works with, she is also excited to resume home to care for the baby once we adopt.

Cazree keeps our household together! She helps the kids with school projects, homework, and taking them to sporting events and tumbling. Her number one priority is her family! She is always putting us before herself and ensuring we are taken care of. Cazree is always coming up with fun things to do as a family and creating fun filled memories for all of us.
Kyle grew up in a big family, in Northern Utah. He is the second oldest of nine children and has a great relationship with his brothers and sisters. Kyle has always been very adventurous, always wanting to try new things. As a child, Kyle enjoyed running around the neighborhood with his friends and found a love for rollerblading. Kyle enjoys going to the gym together as a family. He loves snowboarding with our kids, boating, surfing, swimming, and camping. If it involves our kids and being in the outdoors, Kyle wants to do it. He is a kid at heart! He is dedicated to making sure our children get to experience every adventure life has to offer!

Kyle has worked as a Mortgage Banker for the past 12 years. He has grown a lot and enjoys his job. He values the relationships he has made with his clients and agents. He maintains a healthy balance between work and family. His biggest priority is our family. He makes sure we are taken care of, assures we come first, and provides a safe, loving and fun environment for us all.
We have two incredibly amazing kids, one boy, and one girl!

Gahndyn is our son; he is fourteen years old. He is smart, athletic and artistic. He is good at everything he applies himself to. He does well in school and enjoys going. Currently, he is learning Spanish. He likes playing lacrosse, basketball, swimming, surfing, and snowboarding at the local ski resort. He is a bit shy, at first when meeting new people, but he makes friends easily. He has a big heart! He is working on earning his eagle scout.

Kambrie is our daughter; she is seven years old. She is smart, sassy, and has a huge heart. She enjoys power tumbling, soccer, swimming, skiing, singing, dancing and playing with friends. She enjoys school and is currently learning Chinese. She is friendly and energetic. Kambrie is a tender heart and cares about everyone.

Our two children share a deep bond. They love each other very much, they are always looking out for each other. Like every kid, they like to tease and torment each other on occasion. Both our children dream of having a new brother or sister to love and grow up with and look forward to helping take care of them.
We also have two adorable dogs we consider our kids. Maillie is our Yorkie and Ella is our mini Dachshund.
Our home is a place full of fun, understanding, kindness, and love. We moved to our current house about four years ago and have really loved the neighborhood and the relationships we've made while living here. We live at the end of a private cul de sac on the East bench and get to experience lots of wildlife. We often see deer and wild turkeys in our backyard. We have garden beds for growing our veggies in the summer. The kids love picking and eating fresh veggies out of our garden. We have a piece of paradise with a mountain atmosphere and a pool with a scenic view of the city.

We are close to many hiking and biking trails and also the local ski resort where we enjoy summer concerts, in the offseason. We enjoy the reservoir nearby for camping, boating, and picnics with friends. We love taking advantage of the beautiful atmosphere that surrounds us and often go on family hikes, bike rides or swimming.

We have a farm just down the hill that we enjoy visiting. There are always kids in the neighborhood out playing and riding bikes. Our home has plenty of room to grow! We love the theater room for unwinding and watching movies and a toy room for endless hours of play.

We are blessed with a big, loving, and supportive family. They are thrilled to be going through the miracle of adoption with us. They cannot wait to welcome another beautiful child into the family. We are both very close to our extended families. We all live within twenty minutes of each other, so we spend a lot of time together. There is a total of fifteen cousins.
Our favorite family traditions:
1. Our annual family reunion to Bear Lake with Kyle's side of the family.
2. Our annual family reunion to Flaming Gorge/Uintah's with Cazree's side of the family.
3. Summer BBQ's and pool parties with family and friends.
4. Annual visit to the family pumpkin patch.
Some of our fondest memories are made with our extended family. There is never a dull moment when we're all together. We look forward to bringing a new member of the family into this fun, loving bunch, we call family.

Dear Birth Mother,

We want you to know how incredibly special you are. In our eyes, you are a true hero. Through your sacrifice and selflessness, you are able to give a gift we cannot give ourselves. A gift we would forever be grateful. Most importantly, you are giving the greatest gift of all, the gift of life to a child.

We are excited to be a part of the miracle of adoption, to be able to bring another child into our family and experiencing the love and joy of raising another child.

We want your child to know all about their adoption story, we plan to discuss the adoption openly with your child and will share as much information about you as you'd like and about their biological family, culture, and heritage throughout the various stages of their life. We would share the fact that you wanted what was best for your child and how you loved them enough to put them before your own needs and wants. We seek to create a loving and supportive relationship with you and would love to share their journey with you. We would hope to share pictures and updates as they grow and develop their own personalities and achievements.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know our family. We understand what a selfless act it would be to put your child before yourself, in hopes of providing a better life for your child and the courage it takes to explore these options. We understand this must be an extremely difficult decision for you and hope that you will consider us for loving and raising your child.